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Coaching Creatives: The Creative View

Creative professionals and executives juggle nontraditional schedules and demands, so standard strategies designed for corporate America just won't work.


Greatview understands the unique demands of a creative life, and we support your needs throughout all phases of the creative cycle:


  • Creative Thinking – Learn how to tap into your best ideas and connect with more profound inspiration.

  • The Sales Challenge – Apply proven techniques for finding a buyer and successfully pitching your big idea.

  • The Roller-Coaster – Keep your eye on the goal with ways to stay patient and positive while waiting to hear if it’s a "no" or a "go".

  • 24/7– Find a time management formula that works for you.

  • Career Moves – Understand how to discern when to stay, when to go, where to go, and how to do it.

  • The Balancing Act – Manage career challenges and have a life that brings joy.


Case Study

The Challenge:  A writer-producer needed to redeem his reputation to get back into television. 


The Situation: George was a successful writer until several high-profile problems caught up with him. He became known for being unreliable and volatile, and although he was talented, nobody wanted to work with him. His agent seemed to be losing interest in representing him. 



•    Examine his commitment to the entertainment business

•    Understand the big picture of family pressures and other factors outside of his career

•    Explore his behavior and determine ways for him to work, write, and deliver material in a more professional manner   

•    Improve his communication to collaborate effectively with Network and Studio executives 

•    Revive his enthusiasm for the television series business and ignite his creativity


Process: We began with 360 interviews with his agent and some of his colleagues on his previous series. He was surprised by most of the feedback and it was highly illuminating. Understanding how his personal life was impacting his work guided our coaching to also focus on ways for him to manage his personal issues with greater ease. Coaching focused on his values and self-awareness and refocused his attention on how he presents himself to inspire more confidence. Getting back to what he loves and writing a pilot that he believes in was a key factor for success. 


The Outcome: The writer felt a new commitment to his craft and was able to persuade his agent to stick with him. He is working with a co-executive producer and feels motivated and optimistic.  He is handling the tension in his family better and feels much more in control of his life. 

Greatview Coaching offers services for Creative professionals in Advertising, Media, and Television focused on goal setting, team building, team work, self-confidence, effective communication, mediation, interpersonal skills, and leadership styles.

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

— James Dean


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