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Certified life coach and mediator Nancy McCabe is based in Santa Monica and offers personal coaching in Self confidence, Assertiveness, Companionship, Relationship problems, Goal setting, interpersonal skills and effective communication.

There are times when you want something to change but you are just not sure how to make it happen. Friends and family mean well, but they can't always give you objective advice. Sometimes you need a fresh perspective to get you where you want to be.

Greatview's Personal Life Coaching services are designed to help you 

  • Figure out what matters

  • Get clear on your values

  • Create clear, inspired goals

  • Balance your schedule so it works for you

  • Build confidence

  • Untangle complex dilemmas

  • Get off the fence and make decisions

  • Discover new possibilities and enjoy your life

  • Get going and take action


Case Study


The Challenge: A mother with teenage children needs to get back into career mode and earn a substantial salary.

Personal Coaching: New Perspectives

The Situation: A Vice President of Merchandising left her high-paying job when her second child was born.  Her husband had a lucrative business career and she became a very busy, and happy full-time Mom.  When his business hit the recession, their finances plummeted.  She urgently needs to get back to work but after nine years out of the business, she is afraid that she is too old and out of touch. She’s also concerned about being out of the house at a time when her children seem to be particularly challenging.



•    Untangle the conflict between parenting and working

•    Find a new position that’s manageable with a demanding family life

•    Restore their joyful family life


Process: We began by exploring possibilities with an open mind.  She was struggling with her perception that her that her skills weren’t relevant anymore. Coaching helped her realize that she was stopping herself before she explored what could help her. Social media training and networking with former colleagues helped her confidence issues and gradually the leads started to come in. Several joint coaching sessions with her husband prompted more frank communication and enabled them to work out more shared responsibilities, so she didn’t feel so conflicted about her children.  A new resume, and LinkedIn page and lots of well-prepared interviews started to bring results.


The Outcome: She ultimately realized that consulting arrangements with several clients would offer the income they needed and allow her to still be available to her kids. They have scaled down their family budget as her husband is rebuilding his career as well.  Their shared values of compassion, collaboration and honesty are helping them recover their footing and giving them some room to relax. 

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