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Executive Coaching: The Big Picture

Enhance performance, communication, and leadership skills for your executives and leadership teams with Greatview's individual and group coaching. We bring clarity, focus, and purpose to your company
and its employees, so you get bottom-line results.

Executive coaching in Los Angeles and Santa Monica by certified coach and mediator Nancy McCabe, specializing in Team building, Team work, Self confidence, Assertiveness, Leadership Style, Change Management, Conflict Resolution, & Effective Communication.
Interested in using Greatview for your Executive Coaching needs? Download our handout for coaching candidates.

Individual Executive Coaching

Executive coaching requires an understanding of a company's culture and corporate structure, while balancing the needs of the individual committing to the coaching process. Corporate goals must be incorporated with the needs of the executive. Greatview determines how best to meet the employee’s objectives while fulfilling the expectations of the company.


Core coaching competencies focus on

  • Leadership and Influence

  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills

  • Time Management and Priorities

  • Conflict Resolution and Corporate Politics

  • Morale and Motivation

Case Study

The Challenge: An executive needs to strengthen her leadership skills to effectively manage her department.


The Situation:  A Vice President of Business Affairs at a film studio was struggling with morale and team issues in her department. Decisions seemed haphazard and she was losing respect and support from the President and her team.  She was stressed and overwhelmed and was unable to see how to revive her staff and solve the perceived problems. Her career seemed to be unraveling and her home life was bearing the brunt of her anxiety.



  • Implement more direct communication and re-build trust

  • Align competing agendas and clearly define priorities

  • Strengthen the VP’s interpersonal skills and develop a range of leadership styles to adapt to different situations more effectively.

  • Develop better ways to manage her personal life and stress at home


Process: We conducted a comprehensive 360 performance evaluation which uncovered a lack of trust and communication issues exacerbating the client's leadership challenges. Strategic problems stemming from competing agendas and lack of clear corporate priorities also posed challenges, and the client had lost confidence in her own opinions.  


The Outcome:  The client's priorities are clear and she can plan strategically and make better decisions. Her team has noticed her pro-active, collaborative approach and appreciates her efforts to better represent their concerns to the President and other departments.  Morale has improved and the client is more effective and the division is running smoothly.

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