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Los Angeles Executive Coaching by Nancy McCabe specializing in change management,  conflict resolution, management styles, mentoring and life balance.

Never give up, for that is just the
place and time that the tide will turn.

— Harriet Beecher Stowe

How's Your  View?

Is everything crisp and clear or does your horizon seem a little hazy? Is your personal life blending well with your career aspirations? Do you think that life could improve if you just knew what to do about it? If your career isn’t meeting your expectations, it’s time for a close look at what’s working and what could be better. 


Imagine the Possibilities

It can be hard to move forward if you feel surrounded by closed doors. But it is possible to unify your personal goals and professional ambitions. Greatview Coaching can help you identify opportunities you may be missing. And once you see what’s possible, our coaching supports you as you take action towards your goals.

Change on Purpose

The Greatview process begins with a purposeful, collaborative coaching relationship that empowers you to take a pro-active role in your life. Whether you want to sort out professional dilemmas, manage your time better, or improve your personal life, coaching will support you as you define and pursue what matters.


Thoughts to Action

Coaching is about taking action to lead your life and manage your career in the most fulfilling way possible. With focused support and the benefit of a clear perspective, you see relatively quick results in the areas of your life where you may have felt stuck or frustrated. You can accomplish your goals and achieve the life you envision. 

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